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In the year 2020 OAT Clinic will be the accredited Center of Excellence, leader in the provision of services ophthalmological and teleophthalmological in the coffee region of Colombia.

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 QUIROPHANO – SURGERY: 317 434 3926 | CARTAGO: 318 285 4788 | ARMENIA HEADQUARTERS: 318 680 3572 | PEREIRA CALL CENTER: 318 341 3339 – (036) 340 2779 ext. 100 – 101

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We seek solutions to any eye problem through expert vision and application of the best treatments.

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Rafael Garcia Amaris
Rafael Garcia AmarisRetina and Vitreous
Medical Surgeon of the University Surcolombiana Neiva Specialized in Ophthalmology University CES Medellin. Subspeciality in Retina and glassy ophthalmological clinic I centre caracas foundation Arévalo – Coutinho. Caracas Venezuela.
Martha Rodriguez Q.
Martha Rodriguez Q.Oculoplastics
Medical Surgeon of the Faculty Of Medicine Pontificia University Javeriana, Ophthalmologist with Speciality In Ophthalmology of the High school Of Ophthalmology, Institute Barraquer Of America.
Alejandra Bohórquez
Alejandra BohórquezGlaucoma
Medical surgeon and ophthalmologist of the Pontificia University Javeriana and subspecialized in glaucoma of the medical center of the Trinidad of Caracas.
Reinaldo Garcia
Reinaldo GarciaNeurophthalmology, Retina and Vitreous
Graduate of the Central University of Venezuela like Medical Surgeon and Ophthalmologist of the Central University of Venezuela. It realized a Fellowships in surgery of retina under the tutorship of the doctor Dr . Rafael Muci Mendoza
Arelis Andreina Farias
Arelis Andreina FariasOphthalmopediatric
Gone away from the University of East, (Venezuela) like Medical Surgeon and Medical Ophthalmologist of the Hospital Dr. Francisco Antonio Risquez (Venezuela). Specialist in Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus FOSCAL. Ophthalmological foundation of Santander Dr. Carlos Ardila Lule, Bucaramanga
Liliana Marcela Cepeda Mejía
Liliana Marcela Cepeda MejíaOphthalmologist Supra specialist
undergraduate in General Medicine of the Pontificia University Javeriana, title of doctor and surgeon. Posgrado in ophthalmology of the Industrial University of Santander
Marcela Azula Cardona
Marcela Azula Cardonaophthalmologist
Doctor and surgeon of the Pontificia University Javeriana and Specialized in Ophthalmology of the University Hospital San Ignacio and Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, barcelona
John Alexander Bareño
John Alexander BareñoOphthalmologist
Doctor graduated from the Pontificia University Javeriana, ophthalmologist at the University Industrial de Santander and graduated in Ocular Plastic Surgery, Orbit and Lacrimal Pathways from the University of São Paulo.
Lucia Paola Picari
Lucia Paola PicariOptometrist
Optometrist gone away from The Andean University in Pereira and ophthalmic technology of chicago, illinois



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